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MOBA excavator controls are to construction machines what driver assistance systems are to cars!



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Construction sites and their processes are becoming increasingly complex. The demands on site organization are increasing, the tasks of the machine operators are growing, and time and cost pressures are huge.


Safety first! Manual measurements and checks endanger the safety of the personnel, which is especially the case in places that are difficult to see.


Delivering consistent quality under high time and cost pressure is a balancing act. Especially the increased surveying effort on complex construction sites is reflected in the costs.


In the case of complex excavation work, efficiency suffers in particular from increased surveying effort and the time and personnel required for this.


The combination of the experience of a good machine operator and the precision of the MOBA excavator control system gets the maximum performance out of your machine! Manual controls are completely eliminated and 90% of the surveying effort can be reduced.



User-friendly for every project

MOBA excavator controls enable smooth and efficient construction site operations. Your personnel no longer have to stay in the construction area and can be redeployed to other value add tasks. Especially in places that are difficult to see, this increases safety on the construction site.

With MOBA excavator controls, up to 90% of the surveying work on your construction site can be reduced, since manual control measurements and therefore a possible source of mistakes are completely eliminated. A successful project completion thanks to efficient use of your machine is guaranteed.


You deserve a special service that meets your requirements. MOBA is at your side as a competent partner at all times. Our service technicians and application engineers guarantee you the best quality, many years of experience and constant operation.

For whom are the excavator controls of interest?

The machine operator is ideally supported by the MOBA excavator control system, in daylight or in darkness. All important information is clearly displayed to him in real-time on his operating unit. This allows fast and extremely accurate work, without having to constantly perform manual re-measurement. The operator does not have to leave the cabin.

The construction manager / foreman also benefits from MOBA excavator control systems. They allow a smooth and efficient workflow on the construction site and better planning of staff levels. In addition, increased safety is ensured on the construction site. Performed work can easily be documented by the system and thereby provides informative proof of the progress on the construction site.

Increased productivity combined with lower material and transport costs at the same time are a major advantage for construction contractors. In this way, the efficiency of the machine is increased and simultaneously the time for completion of a construction site is reduced to a minimum. The efficiency of machine deployment can be increased significantly.

Construction machine dealers and renters with MOBA components installed on their machines have a significant advantage over their competition: Excavators with MOBA excavator control systems have significant added value. This does not only apply to construction machine dealers and renters, but also for system integrators! Upgrading a machine with MOBA components is done absolutely non-destructive, i.e. they can be dismantled without leaving a trace. In addition MOBA offers comprehensive service and support.

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Remote Support


With remote support, your local reseller can provide you with guidance without having to visit the site. Remote support connects your system to the service centre and can be used to offer training, advice or troubleshooting. Remote support can be used on your machine without installing additional software.

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Modularity guarantees
- highest flexibility

With the Xsite EASY or Xsite PRO system, you are always optimally equipped for all the requirements of a construction site. MOBA excavator controls guarantee a precise and efficient result for your individual project through the perfect interaction of all components. What's more, thanks to the modular structure of the 3D software, Xsite PRO can also be upgraded at any time.


The Xsite® PRO system enables the trouble-free use of network correction services, base stations and GNSS receivers from different manufacturers. This does not create a binding to only one manufacturer and allows it, to work on different projects without fear of incompatibility This results in a clear advantage in competitive market.

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